Mountain Local ®

What does it mean to be….Mountain Local ?

Just Say Hello!

Being friendly makes everyone feel better & it’s nice!
Make it a point to do it often where ever you may be in your community.

Recycle ~ Reduce ~ Reuse

Small Actions Make a Big Impact on the Community!

Bring Your Own Bag / Bottle

Using one reusable bottle keeps 1,460 plastic bottles out of our landfills.

One reusable bag equals more than 700 disposable plastic bags.

You can make a difference!

Be Involved in your Community

From building great trails, having new music and events come to our towns–we must support those who make those things happen and continuely give back and be involved in our community. Take part–meet others, get out and have some fun!

Use Public Transportation

Air pollution caused by auto emissions can significantly increase the likelihood of health issues such as asthma, allergies, lung cancer, COPD, and the like.

Using Public Transportation cuts down the number of cars on the road.

Support Local Business and Farms

Improve the local economy. Local businesses give our community its flavor.

Remember WHY you love it here !

The mountains are beautiful–it is what drew us all to come back over and over, or finally decide to make this place HOME.

The Mountain Local message will help us be more thoughtful in our actions, so we can keep our towns beautiful and thriving.

No Idle

Save Gas! Save Money! Save the Planet!

Conserve Water

By utilizing basic water conservation techniques you are able to save thousands of gallons of water and money off of your water bill each year.

Pick Up After Pooch

Dog waste is full of disease causing bacteria and parasites that can actually linger in the soil for years. If you don’t pick up after your dog, you are putting other people and other dogs at risk of getting sick.

Our Mission

Mountain Local works to remind locals and visitors the importance of protecting and caring for the mountain towns we love.

~ Our goal is to help locals and visitors think more about the small actions that make a big impact on the community over time. As simple as it sounds, if each one of us makes an effort to say hello, carry a reusable bag or bottle, limit automobile idling to three minutes and use alternative transportation, the cumulative effect will be profound for our towns and environment.

Be Mountain Local :

  1. Say Hello
  2. Reduce ~ Recycle ~ Reuse
  3. Don’t Idle (think less than 3 min)
  4. Conserve Water
  5. Bring your own Bottle or Bag
  6. Use Public Transportation
  7. Be involved in your community
  8. Support Local Business and Farms
  9. Pick up after your Pooch
  10. Remember WHY you came here! (Simple beauty, fresh air, wildlife–and yes the Mountains!)

Mountain Towns

Current Towns we are focused on:
Park City, UT
Jackson Hole, WY
Steamboat Springs, CO

–This will grow as we do and will be easy to duplicate in other mountain towns.


We will partner with both non-profit and for-profit entities and will add their logo to our useful, educational, and quality products. These partners will receive a portion of proceeds whether those items are sold at an event, through Mountain Local or through their organization.

A Special Thanks to Our Partners