Mountain Local

How Mountain Local
Took Shape

Mountain Local was created out of a love for the mountain towns we consider our home. Mountain towns like Jackson, WY, Steamboat Springs, CO, and Park City, UT, all have similar aspects that draw people to want to visit; the mountains, peaceful places, clear running rivers and icy lakes, less traffic, friendly locals, and seasonal activities like skiing and biking that come with being in the mountains.

We’re Passionate &
Love Our Mountain Towns

Over the years we have watched these amazing mountain towns get more popular, with more and more people coming to visit or live. We realized we must find a way to help newcomers want to protect and care for their newfound place and encourage established locals to help maintain what originally brought them here. It became a passion to figure out a way to share some simple principles with visitors and locals on how to protect these special places…. hence the creation of Mountain Local.

One Act At A Time

Simple actions make a big impact
in protecting our planet.

Simple actions make a big impact in protecting our planet. We felt it important to share a message that reminds us all how to take part–whether you stay a Mountain Local or go back to your home…our message transfers to anywhere one lives.

Feel free to support us by purchasing one of our fun usable products, which always give back to a local non-profit in each mountain town. We also highlight an ever-changing group of local brands and services, so follow us on social media to learn about these various offerings throughout the year.

Thank you for visiting and we hope
you want to be a Mountain Local!