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Mountain Towns
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We hope you want to be a Mountain Local ​wherever you live…..
Mountain Local is choosing to focus on 3 towns that are near and dear to our heart​s. We call each of these towns home, as they all hold so many great memories for us. Jackson, Park City and Steamboat have been ​our home for the last 25 years. During that time, they have given us countless reasons to love, live, and be thankful of all we experience there. But as you know we have also seen significant change and growth.  We are initially focusing on these towns because of their familiarity, and we want to return some of what they have given us. We will donate to ​local non-profits that are aligned with the Mountain Local message, you can read more about the ones we donate to HERE.
We hope our impact ​will grow as we do~ but even more ​importantly, we hope ​you will think ​about and use the Mountain Local message ​wherever you go!


Jackson has long held an “outlaw” reputation, harboring only the toughest of folks who relished the epic harshness, bitter winters and remoteness. But with these hardships came an otherworldly beauty in all seasons. While the natural beauty remains, it is being challenged by rapid growth in numbers of residents and tourists. The town is struggling to maintain its character as traffic congestion becomes a year-round issue and the housing crisis is forcing many residents to decide whether it’s worth making it work here or if moving to a more affordable area is more sensible. Although growth is inevitable, smart growth is the only way to keep the uniqueness that makes Jackson what it is. Mountain Local wants to help remind locals and visitors how to protect the beauty of this valley and the surrounding mountains.


For well over a century, Steamboat has embodied the Western Cowboy spirit. Whether dropping down Rabbit Ears Pass or following the Yampa River into town from the west, the beauty is undeniable. Enough so that some say there is a curse on the valley that once you visit you will always return. The stunning Aspen groves in summer and fall, the “Champagne” powder in winter and the clear running Yampa all hold us hostage. But Steamboat is also changing as it struggles to cope with traffic and growth. The vast pathway system and public transportation are helping ease the burden, but everyone needs to do their part so as not to lose the allure of such a special place.


We call Park City “home” because it allows us to enjoy all the things, we love about a mountain town while still being close to major metropolitan area. There are few places in the world where one can access world class bike and ski terrain in the morning then catch a show, NBA game or red eye flight to anywhere in the world in the evening. Hosting the 2002 Winter Olympics forced Park City to refine its infrastructure, allowing it to better handle the inevitable growth all mountain towns are experiencing. But with this development comes the balancing act of keeping it special. Locals as well as tourists need to pay attention and pitch in to ensure that Park City doesn’t lose the appeal that initially drew us here.